Just add sunshine, a February feel after one of the coldest days this winter



It has been hard to come by and for only the third afternoon this January the sun was out in central Indiana. A surge of milder air finally broke a stubborn temperature inversion mixing warmer, drier air down to the surface and allowing sunshine to bathe central Indiana. That January sun wet to work elevating temperatures to nearly 20-degrees warmer than Monday and to February levels. Monday was one of only five days this season sub-freezing and the coldest day since Christmas with a high of only 27-degrees.

What a treat! We haven’t seen many of these this month! We have quietly gained 13 minutes of daylight since Christmas but we really enjoyed it Tuesday as daylight is still seen at 6pm!

There is still some sun in the forecast Wednesday but clouds will quickly be returning to end the work week with a cold front scheduled to pass Friday morning.

Temperatures will be mild and average highs will be as much as 10-degrees above normal Wednesday and Thursday before a cold front sweeps the state early Friday morning. There is a shakeup to the pattern as the flat, west to east flow changes allowing colder, more seasonal air to spill into the eastern U.S. This change begins Friday and brings on again/off again snow showers Friday and Saturday. Light snow is also possible Sunday – the weekend will take on more of a look and feel of January.

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