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Residents in Kokomo planned to continue cleaning up Tuesday after two tornadoes ripped through their city.

The National Weather Service preliminarily confirmed Monday that two tornadoes, the strongest an EF2, hit the central Indiana city on Sunday afternoon.

Gov. Mike Pence and Sen. Joe Donnelly both toured the damage Monday, describing what they saw as devastating.

“The whole neighborhood is here,” said Sarah Carlow, who was picking through the rubble to find her personal belongings, with the help of friends.  “It’s kind of [a] nice thing to know that there are [people] here for you, if you need them,” Sarah said.

More than 100 homes were damaged, with at least 50 wrecked beyond repair.  At the intersection of South Bell Street and East Poplar Street, several homes were knocked clear off their foundations.

In order to prevent looting, the City of Kokomo put a curfew in place from 6 p.m. Monday to 6 a.m. Tuesday.  The curfew will follow the same hours through Friday.

Two shelters were set up and officials told FOX59 News that 35 arrived to receive the help.

Anyone looking for assistance can call 211 for more information.