INDIANAPOLIS – Despite our first snow having occurred this week, our chances at reaching 80 degree before the winter are not over.

More warming this weekend

It was 28 degrees in Indianapolis on Thursday morning; our first day under 30 this season. Jump ahead to Friday afternoon and the city was boasting a 75 degree high. This warming pattern has come thanks to a robust southerly wind, dry air, and a very sunny sky.

These conditions will prevail over the weekend and our weather will not change much over the next two days. We will wake up to a low in the lower 50s on Saturday morning and a southerly breeze will return soon after. With a mostly sunny sky, we’ll turn that temperature into an upper 70s reading by the afternoon. Low 80s are certainly possible, particularly southwest. Sunday will feature the same weather. It will be a mostly sunny, dry, and breezy day. Lows in the lower 50s will increase to upper 70s and should yield our best chance to reach 80!

Slow return to average next week

Monday will be the last very warm day before we begin to cool back to average. It will be another one in the upper 70s with potential to reach 80, though this may be stymied by an increase in afternoon cloud cover. We’ll return to the upper 60s on Tuesday and eventually lower 60s on Wednesday as a front moves across the state bringing rain for a time on each day.