A swarm of storms produced ten tornadoes in Indiana that Saturday night, seven alone in central Indiana.

It was Father’s Day weekend 2019, when central Indiana was swept with severe storms, including numerous tornadoes. Overall, June 2019 was a stormy month. However, the Saturday of June 15th turned dangerous.

Widespread thunderstorms developed during the morning hours, but it was the evening when a severe weather outbreak spread across the region. I remember it very well as we interrupted programming during a golf competition and boy did our phones start ringing. We continued our coverage and tracked a tornado moving into the south side of Indianapolis sweeping the town of Beech Grove.

The National Weather Service confirmed 10 tornadoes in the state of Indiana that evening. Three of the tornadoes produced EF-2 damage in Monroe, Greene and Rush counties, with winds up to 130 mph. An EF-1 tornado, with winds reaching 100 mph, heavily damaged the high school in Beech Grove. Below some images of the damage in Beech Grove. That night stands as the last outbreak of tornadoes in central Indiana.

There was also tornado damage to several businesses at a Richmond shopping mall, as well as a church in Fayette County, among many other damage reports, including dozens of homes. More information on these storms can be found here.