INDIANAPOLIS – Near-record warmth is coming to the Midwest and Indiana will be no exception. Beyond highs in the mid 70s, it’s the longevity of this warm stretch that will have it feeling more like late September than early November!

Highs return to the 70s!

Our last stretch of 70 degree weather came during the 3rd week of October when Indianapolis saw five consecutive days reach the mark. Now in the first week of November, we expect another streak of 70 degree warmth to begin as soon as Wednesday!

The day will begin with lows in the mid to upper 40s and a partly to mostly cloudy sky. Patchy fog will be present for a time in the morning as well. By lunchtime, temps will be approaching 60 degrees, but as skies clear in the afternoon the road to 70 degrees will become more achievable. We expect highs to reach the mark before the end of the day. Overall quiet weather will accompany us through the evening as we cool back into the 40s.

An unusually long stretch of warmth

While 70 degree weather is not a rare occurrence during the month of November, a prolonged period of this warmth is! It will all begin with the upper level pattern as a prominent late fall ridge sets up across the Eastern US. Aided by high pressure across the Southeastern US, southerly wind at the surface will transport more warmth northward. The sunny & dry weather certainly will not hurt either.

As we approach the weekend, the ridge axis will be positioned through the East Coast. Often times, this signifies a pattern change as colder weather moves in from the northwest. In this case however, the ridge will build back into the Midwest, and our warm weather will NOT come to an end!

The majority of the first 10 days of November may end up being in the 70s, which would push record levels…