In recent years new studies have revised the Indiana weather records deeming the Ellettsville tornado the longest tracked in history

Do you remember where you were on this day 20 years ago? It was a Friday in 2002. One may feel that severe weather season is over for the year as the start of fall is just days away. Often, severe storms and the threat of them can linger into autumn.

It was on this night a tornado hit the YMCA on the south side and leveled buildings on the southeast side and continued to do significant damage all the way up into Blackford county. At the time it was considered the second longest tracked tornado in Indiana history at 112 miles, only behind the Monticello tornado of the Super outbreak in 1974. It has now been revised as the LONGEST TRACK in state history as the Monticello tornado may have “skipped” along its path.

It started in Ellettsville (Monroe county) and moved up through Greenwood, east-side of Indianapolis, Beech Grove, McCordsville and ended in Hartford city (Blackford county). It tracked for 2 hours and 21 minutes from 12:59 PM thru 3:20. The tornado was rated (then) F3 intensity in Ellettsville, Martinsville, and Greenwood, with winds of 160 mph, We were on air for several hours that day covering the storm.

Below are some of the images from that day that include the tattered McDonald’s sign in Martinsville along with the heavily damaged Greenwood Place Shopping Center. 130 were injured with 156 million in damages. Most important – no fatalities!