INDIANAPOLIS – Happy New Year! Mild weather will prevail once again as we head into the start of 2023, but the pattern will not be long-lived.

Quiet start to 2023

Saturday broke what would have been a three day streak with highs in the 50s, but a cold front was enough to wipe out the warmth. Still though, our pattern remains mild and a brewing storm system will be enough to bring back the mild air.

We’ll see clouds slowly return and block out what will begin as a mostly sunny Sunday. Wind will become southerly again and even with the clouds, temperatures will go from upper 30s to low 50s. Rain will begin developing to our southwest as the storm system further develops over the Rockies and begins to advance in our direction.

Rainy weather returns

Overcast skies will completely take over by the start of Monday advances through the Central US. The day will remain dry through at least the morning and perhaps most of the afternoon as well. Showers will begin to pop up before the end of the day though, and will increase in coverage after dark. At the same time, we’ll enjoy a burst of warmth thanks to southerly wind and high temps should reach the mid to upper 50s by the end of the day. Even overnight, we are likely to stay mild and perhaps warm further.

The worst of the rain will come through overnight and into early Tuesday morning. Wind and rain are expected along with some rumbles of thunder as showers & downpours become steady. Rain will begin to lighten by the mid morning, and that will open up the opportunity to warm into the low 60s across much of the state! Skies will even begin to clear in the afternoon and if you’re okay with the wind, it may be a sneaky nice time to enjoy the outdoors!

After Tuesday, temperatures begin to drop and we find ourselves in the upper 30s again by Wednesday evening.