May goes from unseasonably cold to unseasonably warm with historic temperature swing


Just 17 days removed from setting the all-time coldest temperature in the month of May at 27-degrees, temperatures have surged and on Monday topped 88-degrees. The major swing in the thermometer comes after an all-out pattern change that flipped from unseasonable cold to unseasonably warm.

May historically can take some big-time turns, so we did some digging. Where does this temperature swing rank among May’s on record?

We scanned 149 years of May weather records and found that May 2020’s 61-degree swing is the largest since the very first Indianapolis 500 ran in 1911! The largest spread came in 1895 with a swing of 63-degrees. 1895 and 1911 both recorded the all-time highest May temperature maximum of 96°.

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