Showers and storms are ending Tuesday evening and a few dry days are coming. Following a soggy April, May is among the wettest months of the year.

Showers and storms are exiting but not before dropping some healthy rainfall totals. The rain becomes more selective this time of year and when thunderstorms are in the mix, amounts can and will vary widely within small distances. While Indianapolis posted a mere .24″ of rainfall some locations reported over one-inch. Frankfort and Tipton both reported just over 1″ amounts.


It is May and the big race month is finally here. While we’ve opened wet and this follows an April that had only seven rain/snow-free days we are looking for a couple days of dry weather. Wednesday and Thursday will give us a chance to dry out with new rains set to arrive overnight Thursday into Friday.

May used to be the WETTEST month annually but recently revised climatological statistics have dropped May to second wettest annually behind June. In May we expect 4.75″ edged out June’s 4.95″ The wettest May on record was 10.10″ in 1943. May 2021 fell short of normal with 3.57″. AS recently as 2018 we recorded only 1.14″ marking the 10th driest May on record. The DRIEST was .60″ during the Dust Bowl era of 1934.


May can take some turns and turn hot quickly! Mid-month brings the average first occurrence of an 85° day and 90’s are possible too! It has been a few years, but in 2018 we posted three 90-degree days and one of the hottest Indy 500’s on record. The hottest on record was 96° in 1865 & 1911.

Gaining another 54 minutes of daylight also aids in the warming bringing the average high up from 68° on the first to 77° to close the month.

Signals are that warmer weather is to take hold early next week and off overnight long range forecast models an early season and the first of the year, HOT DOME could camp out overhead. That would drive temperatures to as much as ten to fifteen degrees above normal. Stay tuned, our current forecast calls for 86° next Tuesday!