Sunshine was plentiful again for the 5th straight day and there is no let-up


The sunshine has been amazing these past five days. Skies have been nearly flawless since early last Friday morning, and we are expecting to see more sun through Thursday. The streak ends when a cold front nears Friday bringing some needed rainfall.

November 2023 has been exceptionally sunny with nearly one and half times more sunshine than normal. The month is the first of the cloudy months annually with just 41% possible sunshine. To-date we’ve had 58%.


The month has only produced .17″ of rainfall through the 14th and marked the driest opening two weeks to a November since 2016. The lack of rainfall extends well into south-central Indiana where some locations are experiencing a deficit of over 6″ below normal for the entire season.

New burn bans were announced today in the southern counties of Knox and Jackson bringing the total to 18 counites across the state. No rain is expected within the area until Friday and that system at this distance does not appear to have much rain with it. Amounts of a quarter inch are possible but it will also be unevenly distributed.

The streak of sunny days has also included some very mild afternoons. Despite a cold start early Tuesday with some locations in the middle twenties, the very dry air (relative humidity 25%) affords the air to warm quickly. Afternoon temperatures reached the low to mid 60s, as much as 10-degrees warmer than average. With a wind shift behind a passing warm front each of the next two afternoons could near 70-degrees in some locations.