It’s been a terrific open to the work week with warm afternoons and cool mornings. Clouds that are arriving late Tuesday signal a change that gets underway Wednesday. Rain precedes potential record high and first official 90-degree day here.


Early morning lows fell below 50-degrees Tuesday at Lafayette (48°), Monticello, Crawfordsville, Greencastle & Logansport all dipped to 49°. Thanks to the low level humidity, clear skies and light winds we had maximum cooling. The 53° low in Indianapolis was the coolest since last Monday morning but closer to the NORMAL low for this date.


The dry air also heats up and Tuesday afternoon, we rebounded and reached the 9th 80-degree day of the year in Indianapolis. That’s the MOST by this date (May 17th) in four years. We will add at least two more this week with potential RECORD warmth Friday (RECORD: 89°). Current forecast calls for an official 90° high temperature in Indianapolis, a full 15-degrees above normal. Stay tuned!


A complex of showers and storms will develop well west of the state later tonight and make an eastward move, approaching west-central Indiana around sunrise. This complex will weaken but deliver downpours here by mid-morning Wednesday. A few thunderstorms could occur or be embedded early but while the day looks spoiled by the rain, it may improve early afternoon. The showers and a few storms will scatter and ease allowing for some dry time into the afternoon and evening. High temperatures Wednesday could rally and peak closer to 7pm.

Rainfall amounts will vary but fall into the quarter to half-inch category. An embedded thunderstorm could produce a locally heavy total but the rainfall will not be evenly distributed.