INDIANAPOLIS – Gusty winds ushering in warm air out of the south will be in place over the next few days for Indiana.

A warm south breeze

Winds will be gusting over 30 mph at times over the next couple of days. However, this wind will be a hard push of warm air coming from the south, so while it may give us a wind chill at times, it will eventually help to push in warmer air to help our temperatures out next week.

Warmer pattern change

After a cold wrap to the work week last week, we will start off with much warmer air across the state in the week ahead. High temperatures into the 50s are possible.

Chance for rain showers

Rain chances increase heading into next week. Tuesday through Thursday, a daily chance for rain will be favorable over Indiana, with rain chances increasing towards the end of the week.

Sunday forecast for Indianapolis

Temperatures will be staying in the mid 40s for Indianapolis on Sunday. This as partly cloudy skies are overhead and we stay dry. Winds will still be gusty well into the afternoon on Sunday.

Staying mild this week

Several days this week are expected to remain at or above 50 degrees!