INDIANAPOLIS – Central Indiana enjoyed an abundance of sun through the majority of Monday with highs in the mid 60s to low 70s. By the late afternoon however, clouds made a return to the state and overcast conditions have taken over since.

Showers & storms return overnight

Our next chance for rain will come this evening as showers move in from the southwest along a warm front. The front will keep temperatures from dropping much overnight despite the rain, so lows should remain in the upper 50s. Showers will give way to a period of thunderstorms in the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday morning. These storms will not pose a severe weather threat, but rainfall will be heavy. Showers will once again cap things off around 10am and we may enter into a period of partial clearing.

With a little but of sun, we can expect isolated storms to reemerge across parts of the state by early Tuesday afternoon. Severe weather is unlikely, but the chance is non-zero across southeastern portions of the state. Storms will not last for long though and the threat should once again fizzle before the evening. Our high temperature will be in the low 70s and it will be breezy through the afternoon as well.

Comfortable midweek weather

Wednesday will bring a brief lull in our active weather pattern as surface pressure increases. It will be comfortable day with temps in the mid 60s and a mix of sun and clouds overhead. Thursday will be a nice one as well, at least until the later afternoon. Highs will be closer to 70, but clouds will be more abundant later on and storms will threaten the evening and overnight. This will lead us into what should be a stormy Friday to close out the week.