Minimal rain chance as temperatures swing behind “clipper” systems


Yay rain – it isn’t much but an instability shower or two roams central and east-central Indiana Tuesday afternoon. It was enough to wet pavement in Columbus and even a brief thunderstorm moved across Jackson county around 5 pm.

The clouds are a product of late September sun (still strong) versus the mid-October level air. The clouds build during the peak heating of the day and aided by a touch of upper-air spin, brings the puffy cumulus clouds to perk up to produce rain. With sunset nearing these clouds will quickly dissipate and any rain chance goes along with it.
We are not expecting any measurable rain to end the month of September so it is set to enter the books as the DRIEST on record. The dry spell actually started well before the month began. Since August 19th, the .12″ of rain is the driest ever for the calendar dates.

A small rain chance does come Wednesday, the final day of the month – as a fast moving “clipper” system dives toward the state. This is the first of two. These lows are more typical of the cooler months – and will bring rapid temperatures swings. Wednesday will turn windy and warmer but a cold front sweeps the state again late day. Look for a quick rise to 70-degrees then a small shower chance as the front passes.

Looking for rain and hoping to ease the dry conditions we turn to the second “clipper” low that arrives Sunday. Rainfall looks to be more widespread but amounts may still be minimal. We will monitor and honestly take any bit of rain we can get.

A fan of the fall feel? Check out the temperatures Friday – we will be well below normal entering the weekend with a Friday temperatures only in the upper 50’s. Patchy frost could easily show up early Saturday morning. Not a fan of the fall chill? Hang on – a new surge of warm air is on track for mid-October.

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