Cloudy skies are common this time of the year and sunshine, along with arctic air, are still on hold for now.

It’s the third straight day with complete overcast in Indianapolis and for most of central Indiana. After a sunny start to the month, it’s even CLOUDY FOR DECEMBER with only 28% possible sunshine. Normal is 38% possible sunshine, making this month the CLOUDIEST MONTH of the year.

Extended cloudy skies were predicted and any chance of some sunshine still on hold. Showers are to return again early Friday and even a few showers and some patchy light rain will fall on Saturday. At this time, we look to perhaps Sunday and more likely Monday for brighter skies.

A large factor in the cloudy weather is the time of the year. With a lowering sun-angle, we’ve lost nearly half the sun’s energy since late September, low clouds and fog tend to be more persistent this time of year.

Temps are to run above normal here for at least another week as a “flat”, west to east jet stream keeps bitter cold bottled up. The warmest day could be next Wednesday preceding a large shift in this December weather pattern.