INDIANAPOLIS – High temperatures on Tuesday were in the mid 90s across Central Indiana with a high of 95° downtown. This was the city’s hottest day since May of 2018! Another day of high heat is possible on Wednesday, but an approaching cold front is expected to bring some relief.

Heat remains on blast

The air will feel more summer-like on Wednesday morning with lows in the 70s and a stickier feel out there. This comes thanks to convergence ahead of the approaching cold front. A few more clouds will be in the sky during the day, but we will still heat up quickly. Lunchtime temps will be in the mid to upper 80s with afternoon highs in the low to mid 90s. Feels-like temps are expected to reach the upper 90s as well.

Isolated downpours & storms are possible after 3pm as the cold front sweeps through the state. However, any rainfall is expected to remain confined to the southern half of the state. Drier air will return overnight though temps remain on the warm end.

Hot, but comfortable into the weekend

Despite being the wake of a cold front by the start of Thursday, warmer than average weather is expected to persist. The good news is that dew points may be in the 40s! With a sunny sky we should still reach the upper 80s, but it will be comfortable. Friday will be very similar weather-wise. Highs are expected to reach the upper 80s, but it will be comfortably dry through the day.

Temperatures may begin a slight increase this weekend along with humidity levels. This will once again come ahead of our next cold font. The front will eventually come through on Sunday with another chance for isolated storm activity.