More messy weather Monday night


Our first wave of messy weather for this Monday has moved off to the east and another wave is set to impact us over the evening hours. Monday morning and early afternoon saw a variety of precipitation from rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow. The temperature of the air column and surface are key into what type you see. We’ll see a variety again this evening as the second wave moves on through.

A Winter Weather Advisory has been extended until 9 AM Tuesday for the northern half of the viewing area. It has also been expanded to include Hamilton, Boone, Montgomery and Fountain counties. Fayette, Union and Wayne counties in east central Indiana remain under the advisory until midnight.

Meanwhile, to our northwest, Winter Storm Warnings stretch from Illinois to Nebraska. Chicago could see up to 8″ of snow from this system while portions of Iowa could receive up to a foot!

We’ll see more impacts from this system closer to the 8 O’clock hour and through the rest of the evening. The same variety of precipitation will fill back into the state, although not as heavy as the first round. Freezing rain and sleet will mainly be a concern for our northern counties where temperatures are cooler. Areas closer to the I-70 corridor will likely see rain or a wintry mix and all rain in our southern counties. With such a wide range of precipitation, make sure you use extra caution for the potential of slick spots if you have to travel tonight or tomorrow morning.

While much of this system will have exited by the Tuesday morning commute, a few lingering showers and some areas of a wintry mix and freezing rain will still be around. Slick spots will again be a concern.

In addition to slippery roads, visibility will also be a concern as fog thickens overnight, becoming rather dense in several areas.

A few isolated showers will continue into Tuesday afternoon but the day will be much more dry than today as temperatures climb into the upper 30s.

More active weather moves in this week and includes a chance for snow Wednesday night and more rain by the weekend.

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