The unseasonable warmth in Indianapolis will continue through the weekend and into the start of next week.

A couple of warm days ahead

The September-like warmth we experienced on Friday and Saturday will not be quick to exit as we head into Sunday. A strong southerly wind has been able to maintain this unseasonable warmth, and dry air has allowed for larger diurnal swings. The sunny sky has not hurt our warm up either, and luckily with high pressure nearby, the sky will stay clear as we progress through Sunday and Monday. This is a great stretch of days to spend time outdoors, but do prepare for breezy afternoons.

Pattern switch on Tuesday

Our weather will begin to shift as we head into Tuesday as a storm system approaches us from the southwest. This will bring the chance for rain by midday Tuesday although there is a fair chance it holds off until a little bit later. Clouds and showers shouldn’t linger for more than 24 to 36 hours after they start, but this would take them into part of Wednesday as well

. Temperatures will still reach at least the upper 60s on Tuesday, but we begin to cool on Wednesday with highs returning to more seasonal levels (low 60s). Both days are expected to be breezy as his cooler air returns once again.