INDIANAPOLIS – Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest planets, will be close together, almost a planetary conjunction, which will happen this coming weekend.

What is planetary conjunction?

According to, conjunction is when two objects have the same right ascension on our sky’s dome. Objects in conjunction will appear near each other for a number of days. The planets will appear as though they are “nearly colliding” in the sky, even though they are actually very far away in space.

When can I see the conjunction?

The best viewing time will be just before sunrise on May 1 if you look to the southeast. The planets will appear to be close, with just a 0.2° difference! This will be visible with a telescope or the naked eye if weather conditions cooperate, of course.

Mars will also be visible in the sky, just look for the reddish planet in the sky.

How can I view it?

The best way to see the planets would be with a telescope or with binoculars to see them as clearly as possible. This could be visible to some to the naked eye as well.

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