INDIANAPOLIS – Tuesday has turned out to be a pleasant weather day across Central Indiana with highs staying in the 80s across the state. Much of the day was spent in the mid 70s in fact, and even though most of us did not get rain, we have thunderstorms to thank for the comfortably cool weather.

A new hope thanks to thunder!

Indianapolis stayed in the 70s for all but one hour until warming back up to 80 degrees at 4:00pm. By all accounts, we were lucky to experience such comfortable weather with how hot the surrounding air mass is! The secret to today’s weather was a storm complex in Illinois. Clouds and rain-cooled air spread across the Hoosier State, yet the rain did not! We really enjoyed the best of both worlds in the dry & cool conditions! With clouds thinning this evening, it is likely that temperatures will still reach our average of 85 or exceed it by a couple of degrees. Overnight lows will then settle in the low 70s.

The hot weather strikes back!

Unlike Tuesday, storms are not expected to save the day on Wednesday. The air mass remains unseasonably hot and we’ll be off to the races as soon as the sun rises. Low 70s will become upper 80s by lunchtime and eventually low to mid 90s by the late afternoon. With the humidity, it will feel like 100-105 at the peak of the day. If any rain is to occur, it will be after dark and primarily across Northwest Indiana.

Return of the storms

Thursday & Friday will continue the humid weather, but a second reprieve from the heat is possible thanks to stormy weather. Thursday’s high temperature may remain in the low to mid 80s with primarily overcast conditions and scattered storms throughout the day. Severe weather appears unlikely however.

Lingering storms may occupy a time on Friday, but the day will feature much more sun. Once again, the level of sun will greatly dictate high temps and we expect it to reach the upper 80s as a result. We’ll continue to warm with lower rain chances to start the weekend.