Skies are clear and temperatures remain very comfortable to start your Thursday morning! Expect another beautiful day ahead to open a new month and the beginning of meteorological fall. Plenty of sunshine, light winds and dry weather will hold through this early evening, as temperatures warm into the upper 80s by 5 p.m.

More quiet weather tonight, as winds remain light and skies mostly clear. There will be a slight rise in dew points overnight, as temperatures fall into the middle 60s. Bottom line: mugginess returning to the area!

Friday remains dry, warm and sticky with highs reaching the upper 80s. Expect extra cloud cover but a certain summer feel heading into the holiday weekend.

Labor Day weekend will bring additional heat and humidity, along with a slow rise in storm or rain chances. Future weather models flipped last night, so some uncertainty on rain timing and which days see the most. I have seen this before with a midweek model swap. For now, I’m not biting on it and holding off for a few more computer runs today before making larger adjustments. Here’s what my current thinking is:

Saturday: Hot and muggy with late afternoon storm chances for our southern fringe counties, Indy stays dry.

Sunday: Continued warm and a touch cloudier with spotty showers and storms, small chances locally.

Monday/Labor Day: Mugginess holds with 40% of the area receiving rainfall for the day.

Let’s get more data and be sure to get the latest with Brian Wilkes at 4 o’clock tonight!