Numbers don’t lie, it’s been a wimpy winter to-date


Monday was one of the rare days this season below normal and the coldest afternoon in four weeks. Scanning weather records it has been a highly unusual winter to so-far.

WINTER 2021-22

Monday marked only the fourth day all season below normal and the first since time in four weeks to fail to crack the freezing mark. taking a look at the numbers, its been a remarkable opening 34 days of meteorological winter. 88% of the days have been above normal, Only December 7th, 8th and 22nd we sub-normal until today.

In the span since December first, the first day of meteorological winter, there have been a whopping twelve days of 60° or higher, high temperatures – the most on record for the span.

Only one night this season has fallen below 20-degrees officially in Indianapolis, that was the morning of December 7th. Normally we would have had eleven to-date, this is the fewest in 90 years!

Monday’s high of 31° was the coldest afternoon since the 26° high on December 7th.


While just over half the Nation is snow covered entering the day, there has been a notable lack of snow here in central Indiana. Many of you woke to a light dusting/coating Sunday morning of snow but that was not the case for the official observation station for the city near the airport. We entered the month of January with the least amount of seasonal snowfall since 1983 and exited December with no measurable snow, the first time since 1940 and only the fourth time on record. No new snow has been added here for the city of Indianapolis since November 14th. The .50″ of snow all fell in mid-November and currently we are tied with 1983 as the least snowiest on record. Normally through January 3rd, over eight inches would have fallen.

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