MADISON COUNTY, Ind. — A small tornado may have passed through Madison County during a severe storm Monday morning, the Madison County Emergency Management Agency & Department of Homeland Security Office announced.

At about 9:30 a.m., Madison County EMA tracked a severe storm across the southern half of the county, including the northern edge of Anderson. The National Weather Service issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for that area.

As the storm passed through, authorities received damage reports that consisted of down trees and power lines, as well as power outages.

The county EMA said it assessed the area and “determined the possibility of a small tornado passing through the area.” EMA personnel documented rotation-type damage consistent with a small tornado, and one eyewitness reported a tornado, per officials. Authorities said the estimated track is one mile long and 200 feet wide.

EMA said they also observed damage from straight-line winds. There was one report of a home damaged by a tree limb, but no one was injured.

County officials have sent a tornado report and supporting documents to the National Weather Service for confirmation.