INDIANAPOLIS – If you liked the nice summer-like weather we had all weekend, you’ll enjoy Monday’s forecast. More temps in the mid 70s coming right up!

Unseasonably warm low and high temps

The low in Indianapolis made it down to the 56 degrees, which our high temperature was 15 degrees above normal! Unseasonably warm air has been in place all weekend, and it will remain warm into the start of the week.

Gusty winds through the weekend

Wind gusts once again surpassed 30 mph across the state. The strong south breeze was one way our temperatures were helped into the upper 70s. It will stay windy again heading into Monday.

Light precipitation possible

While there will be plenty of sunshine and dry air throughout Monday, light rain showers start as early as Tuesday morning. A few thunderstorms may be possible into Tuesday afternoon as well. And we could really use the rain across the state as moderate drought conditions ramp up.

A dry October

The entire state of Indiana is in abnormally dry (D0). Parts of the state are now back to moderate drought conditions (D1). That includes areas near Bloomington and Muncie. About 30% of Indiana is experience drought conditions once again.

Indianapolis 7-day weather forecast