One more mild day for central Indiana before summer-like heat arrives


We’re wrapping up May and it certainly came with some big swings. Temperatures ranged as high as 88° all the way down to a record setting 27°. Of course, this being a transitional month, big temperature swings are common. We’ve seen as much as a 71-degree spread between the record warm and record cold temperatures for the month.

It was rather soggy at times too. May is, on average, our wettest month of the year. May 2020 though, will go in the record books as tied for the 16th wettest on record, bringing in 7.13″ of rain. Two of the days, the 17th and the 23rd, each brought in over 1.50″ of rainfall.

We’re moving into a new month. June will start off on the cool side with temperatures in the upper 40s and lower 50s by early Monday morning. The afternoon will be comfortable once again. However, we can’t rule out the chance for an isolated shower Monday evening, as a warm front lifts north.

That warm front will send temperatures surging back to a summer-like feel by Tuesday. 80-degree warmth returns and dew point temperatures jump right back to the “uncomfortable” range, above 60°. We keep 80-degree warmth with us the rest of the week and introduce a daily rain/storm threat from Wednesday night through Saturday. No day looks to be washout, but keep the umbrella handy.

A break in the humidity comes late in the weekend but we’ll likely see it surge again early in the following week, where we COULD be seeing our first 90-degree day in Indianapolis. Stay tuned!

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