INDIANAPOLIS – Gray weather carries on across the Hoosier State for the sixth straight day. While it seems like the pattern has to break soon, clouds will do their best to stick around in the short-term.

Gray… But staying mild

It’s good to look at the positives when the weather is this bleak, and in this case the mild air stands out. The overall weather pattern we’re in is quite mild and the clouds have helped us avoid the bitter cold in fact! You may notice that overnight lows are higher when clouds are in the sky. This is because clouds emit radiation to the surface and in turn warm it up. During the day of course, our temperature changes less because incoming radiation from the sun is blocked, but at least we have not been frigid!

Sunday will remain gray as a stratocumulus deck extending as far west as Iowa hangs over the region. Our temperature fluctuation may only be 4-7 degrees as a result. Lows are expected in the upper 30s with highs in the low 40s. Wind will be northerly, but nearly calm. Temps may drop slightly more heading into Monday as the light north wind brings marginally drier air into the state.

Another midweek storm system

Our weather pattern has favored active weather across the US over the past week and the Hoosier State will encounter its next chance for wind and rain as soon as Tuesday. Tuesday itself will be dry, but windy with some peeks of sun. Temperatures will be able to reach the upper 40s and they’ll stay mild overnight. Rain is expected to move in after dark and continue through at least the first half of Wednesday. It may fall heavy at times with windy conditions through the day. Highs may break 50 as mild air floods the state.

The rain will move out by Thursday though we’ll transition back to gray and quiet weather. Flurries are expected intermittently on Friday as temperatures settle into a groove in the 30s.