Temperatures have cooled and tonight a historic mild spell will be ending

It has been a remarkable run of MILD AIR! We have not been BELOW FREEZING in Indianapolis for eight straight days. This is only the 3rd time on record to open the year without one night or day 32-degrees or colder. The last time we were at or below freezing was just before 9am Wednesday, December 28th.

It is only the second time on record that December 29th through January 5th has failed to fall to 32-degrees. The last time was also in 2005. Weather records date back 152 years.

We’ve cooled Thursday and will slowly drift down below freezing by sunrise Friday. Along with the cooler air, a few more snow showers are inbound from western Indiana Thursday evening. Still above freezing, so slick conditions are not expected. Snow showers are brief and transition to flurries late.

Real cold still on hold and will be for the foreseeable future. Once again, winter weather enthusiasts here are disappointed. Lack of cold (& snow) a product of a ‘flat’, west to east jet stream. We will remain detached from the polar branch of the jet stream for a spell.