Early Thursday morning may be the last of the real chilly weather. A complete overhaul of the upper-air pattern supports extended mild spell starting

We are warming up Thursday under full MAY sunshine! Check out the view from Indian Lake C.C. below late Thursday afternoon. May locations late day reached the 70-degree mark but we fell just shy in Indianapolis. This was the 13th consecutive day below normal, a streak that will be ending very soon.

Thursday morning’s low was the FIRST sub 40° night in the month of May in Indy in two years with a low of 38°. The coldest temperatures were outlying, including 30° at Mt Comfort. The low dipped to 33° in Crawfordsville (Montgomery county) and in Cambridge City (Wayne county).

So, is the threat of FROST AND FREEZE behind us? The rule of (a green thumb) is no planting until Mother’s Day weekend, which is usually around May 9th. In fact, the COLDEST low temperature on record in the month of May was just three years ago with a low of 27° on May 9th, 2020.

The latest last FREEZE in Indianapolis is May 27th, 1961 while the latest last measured snow May 9th, 1923 with nearly one-inch measured and those records look to stay intact as the forecast is for a milder spell. With WARM TRENDS on the way and we are officially ‘greenlighting’ planting season! The extended outlook off a variety of long-range forecasts supports a high probability of ABOVE normal temps is the trend into the final week of May!