INDIANAPOLIS – The weather was gorgeous for race day at the 500 this year as the sun shined brightly on a warm day. Our weather will be similar tomorrow, but the pattern will favor continued warming.

Summer-like feel this Memorial Day

Temperatures continue to increase this weekend with high pressure moving father east. An area of low pressure to the west is working in tandem to boost southerly flow, which will increase our temps on Monday. The day will remain sunny with just a few clouds popping up in the afternoon thought it will be breezy throughout the day. After lows in the mid 60s, highs are expected to reach the mid 80s later in the afternoon.

Staying warm this week

Our pattern will be slow to change with a strong ridge built up across the Eastern US. Temperatures will continue to hold in the 80s of the next couple of days. Tuesday will be the warmest of the week with highs breaking in the upper 80s under a mostly sunny sky. It will be another breezy day as well. Wednesday will be a warm one too, but our heating may be cutoff by a cold front and storms later in the day. Highs should still reach the mid 80s, but will not reach the mark again until the weekend. Cooler weather will follow and rain will take until late on Thursday to totally exit the area.