Police tackling possible looting in Kokomo

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KOKOMO – Four people were arrested Monday, accused of stealing from a business damaged by Sunday’s tornadoes.

The Kokomo Police Department has received a number of complaints about suspicious people in the areas affected by the tornadoes looking for metal and going into abandoned homes. Officers are investigating the calls.

Major Brian Seldon said the city is under a curfew and it should help keep unwanted people out of the damaged neighborhoods. The curfew is in effect through Friday between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Homeowners like Dave Huffman are glad there is a curfew in the Cedar Crest neighborhood and the area around the Maple Crest Shopping Center. People who live or work in those areas will be asked to show ID.

“We pulled out almost everything of our stuff that was of value,” Huffman said.

The Kokomo Police Department has not received calls that possible looters have gotten away with people’s personal belongings.

One store was targeted after the two tornadoes on Monday.

Steven Grace, 22, was arrested for burglary and theft. Jeremy Beard, 26, was arrested for burglary and theft. Courtney Wilson, 32, was arrested for aiding, inducing or causing a burglary and aiding, inducing or causing a theft. David Wilson Jr., 42, was arrested for burglary, theft, and possession of marijuana. All are from Kokomo.

Grace, Beard, Courtney Wilson and David Wilson Jr. have been accused of taking bottles of alcohol from Soupley’s on East Lincoln Road around 4 p.m. on Monday. The store’s security guard noticed people going through debris.

Kyle Rayl, the store’s co-owner, said their security responded quickly as well as the police department. He said they will continue to have security watching the business 24/7.

“We’ve had people watching so people don’t try and get what products remain in the building,” Rayl said.

Rayl said the items were taken from the back of the store.

“We don’t need any looters around. Everybody else has plenty of problems without that additional headache,” Rayl said.

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