Power outages, down trees, windows blown out in Freedom

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FREEDOM,  Ind. — Storms swept across central Indiana Saturday, leaving widespread damage and power outages throughout multiple counties.

First reports of storm damage came from Owen County.

“My wife and I ran to the basement with our weather radio. And once we heard a little more information, we realized that the storm was moving east of us not north towards our direction,” said Owen County resident Mark Quigley.

We spoke to some members of Freedom Baptist Church who were inside for a Father’s Day dinner during the Tornado Warning. One woman, who did not want to be identified, said there were about 30 people inside who immediately took cover in a restroom. Members say they heard a loud “boom,” and before they knew it, the storm was over.

Outside the church, there was debris scattered everywhere. Winds ripped off siding and left the steeple leaning. Many trees were left snapped and ripped out of the ground, landing on roads and near homes.

Owen County Sheriff’s Office Captain Erich Teuton said there were no injuries and no major damage.

In some spots, pieces of roofs were missing. One neighbor had to relocate after water seeped inside his apartment and wind blew out his windows.

“When we first heard the tornado warning, we were concerned it was heading our way. And I called my friend to see what things looked like in Freedom. And he had mentioned that there was stuff blowing around everywhere,” said Quigley.

His friend was okay, but his garage was partially torn apart, fence flattened and tree limbs scattered across his driveway.

Quigley says he and his wife were fortunate their barn and livestock weren’t affected by the storm. “We are very fortunate that something like this happened this close to us. And even though it happened right here, we’re very fortunate that our friends and mostly everyone we’ve seen is safe.”

Captain Tewton advised residents to stay indoors while the power crew works to restore power.

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