INDIANAPOLIS – Soaking rain has absorbed the state of Indiana and will lead the way for much colder air to grasp the region this weekend.

Complex storm system passes through

Everything from blizzard conditions to strong tornadoes has been present in the US over the past 24 hours. Heavy snow has fallen across the North Central US, while numerous tornadoes have been confirmed from Texas to Alabama. This active December weather has all been produced by one powerful storm system, which is currently centered around Northwest Iowa. With temperatures in the 40s and 50s in Indiana, it has been too warm for snow and too cold for severe storms. As a result, steady rain has accounted for the worst of our weather and more of it is on it’s way this Wednesday evening.

Steady rainfall will return shortly after dark across the state. Showers & downpours will continue for several hours with the last of the rain beginning to let up in the pre-dawn hours of Thursday morning. Local roadside flooding will be possible as we add another widespread 1/3-1/2″ of rain in this wave.

Major pattern shift begins

A cold air mass lies on the back side of this storm system, which will move in as the rain winds down. The front should pass through on Thursday morning, but some sun will come out behind it too. The result will be subtle warming with highs reaching the mid 40s, but the colder air will begin to win out as daylight wanes. Clouds will return in the evening with showers of mixed precipitation.

Gray weather will return as we head through Friday and the first half of the weekend. Temperatures will settle in the 30s to begin Friday and we may not see anything warmer than the 30s for longer than a week! Flurries will come along with the gray end to the week, but the overall weather pattern appears dry through the near-future as of now.