The day took a real turn late Friday when clouds rolled in and another cold front swept into the state. This will be the coolest air of the season.


Here come the clouds and a real look of fall. It was a sunny and 70°-day Friday afternoon ahead of the clouds and a cold front. In just a matter of a few hours clouds spilled southeast, and temperatures started to drop. By 6pm Lafayette fell to 51° while 70s were hanging on in east-central Indiana.

This cold front will make a much larger impression. Friday afternoon and behind the first front it was a very nice day, The real change was the reduction of humidity levels. This next front, that’s the one the brings some very chilly air with it. We opened the week with sunshine and summer-level warmth but this weekend, it is full on fall!

Behind Friday’s front, the COOLEST air since May for the city of Indianapolis. Lows Saturday could be as cool as the lower 40s by sunrise outlying and perhaps fails to reach 60-degrees in the afternoon. This will be the first time this season that the afternoon high fails to reach 70-degress and a bit of a benchmark. This is only the 4th time on record that we waited this late into October for a sub-70° day! Typically, we have one in early September!