Another clear and pleasant start this Wednesday morning, as the air remains drier than normal for August (lower dew points) and cooler than normal for this time of the year. This is the the good stuff! Bright sunshine will dominate the area, as highs reach the lower 80s again today.

Winds remain from the northeast at an average wind speed of 5-10 mph, some gusts up to 18 mph. Incredible for everything outside like Colts Camp, an Indians day game and the Indiana State Fair. Enjoy!

The next few days will remain dry, as temperatures slowly rise each afternoon. By Friday, highs will reach the middle 80s which is average for this time of the year, as sunshine holds statewide. Saturday brings additional heat and a bump in dew points, marking a stickier day outdoors and for the Colts preseason game at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Sunday brings a return to storm chances, as the pattern begins to weaken! Rainfall would be a good thing after this dry stretch but some outdoor activities will impacted to end the weekend.