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It’s almost race day! While fans won’t be inside the Speedway this year, we know many will still be following along as the Greatest Spectacle in Racing gets underway. You may not have to worry about whether or not YOU will get rained on in the stands this year, but the weather will still impact drivers and racing conditions. Good news! Rain chances for Sunday are very minimal. While a few isolated showers and thunderstorms are possible in the area during the afternoon, the odds of rain at the track are very low. The vast majority of central Indiana won’t see any rain at all tomorrow. We’re NOT saying there’s a ZERO chance for showers hitting the track during the race on Sunday. But the chances are low and anything that does develop, won’t last long.

We will all have to contend with the summer heat and humidity for Sunday. Temperatures will rise into the upper 80s and humidity will continue to slowly rise as it has been for the past couple days. You may have noticed it was a little stickier out Saturday compared to earlier in the week. We’ll be even more humid for Sunday.

This is the 104th running of the Indianapolis 500. The majority of Indy 500 race days have had temperatures that peaked in the 80s. This year will be no exception as we will add another tally on to that category.

While it will be warm and humid on Sunday it could be worse. The warmest Indianapolis 500 on record was 92° (in 1937) and the warmest for the date of this year’s Indy 500 is 96° set back on August 23rd in 1936.

The Indianapolis 500 has also had to be shortened and called complete on 7 different occasions due to rain. The most recent of which was back in 2007 when only 415 miles were completed before rain forced the race to be called officially over. The shortest Indianapolis 500 was back in 1976 before rain also forced the race to be officially over. Only 255 miles were completed that year.

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