The damp and dreary weather is finally going to come to an end. We are cleared for planting as temperatures are set to surge.

Very few showers and storms just after 4:30pm but we found one. Slow, NE bound t-storm (non-severe) over Geist producing blinding rainfall just after 4:30pm Friday. The rain along with a storm delivered locally heavy totals. Over 1.25″ reported in Frankfort while nearby Lafayette has reported little to no rain through 6pm.

There were very few storms but downpours over northern Indiana will settle south again over the next few hours with a rain chance that lingers beyond midnight.

RADAR UPDATE 6:45pm – A few southeast bound, slow moving t-storms near Seymour are unloading heavy rainfall. Radar estimated over 3″ of rain through 7pm Friday. These storms are among the few today and will remain below severe limits.

The rainfall coverage will lower to around 20% AS The storm system begins to depart. The rains will pivot (counter-clockwise) around the LOW PRESSURE sitting overhead late Friday and behind its departure. It is a sign that our weather will improve.

GREEN LIGHT TO GROW: There are exceptions but from this date forward, frosty nights are very few. Rule of (green) thumb is no planting before Mother’s Day weekend. With upcoming summer-like warmth we are a go! Lack of sunshine has been stunning following one the cloudiest April’s on record. MAY sunshine is at a mere 15%! Can it get worse? NO, a new pattern emerges soon!


The all-out overhaul to the pattern across North America is underway starting Sunday. Mother’s Day will turn milder and will be the warmest Mother’s Day in four years! Last year the high was only 48° while in 2018 it reached 88° tying for the warmest on record.

The warmth next week is impressive and so is the change in the pattern. A large, upper-level high pressure will camp overhead and keep most of the week rain-free and very warm. Temperatures will jump into the 80s as early as Monday and peak at 88° Tuesday. The chance of rain is minimal, the exception late Tuesday night into early Wednesday. Beside that, welcomed dry time and sunshine are on the way!