Warm winds were blowing entering the weekend and elevating temperatures to near-record levels. Rain is on the way along with a cold front


We do not get warm days like this, this late in the year all that often. In fact, this is only the 15th year on record to produce a temp this warm (76°) so late in the year. Even more interesting, only 21 days have been this warm out of 151 years on record! The high today was shy of the record 78° set in 2003 and a full19-degrees above normal. Today’s high is the normal for September 23rd.

The warmth continues through the night. What an open to the weekend and this marks the fifth straight Friday with full on sunshine! This is the warmest Friday since September 16th (82°). We will remain well into the 60s beyond 11pm and RAIN FREE for football and into the early morning hours on Saturday.


Showers and fast moving downpours arrive ahead of a cold front early Saturday morning. The rain will increase in coverage and intensity reaching peak coverage by 1pm. A late day cold front COULD produce a skinny line of downpours and a gusty storm or two before exiting into Ohio. The strong wind field may preclude vertical storm development but IF one or two develop a localized damaging wind gusty could occur.

A Sharp temp change over a small distance fuels the gusty winds across the Midwest Friday and the winds will strengthen as a low pressure deepens as it approaches the state early Saturday. A WIND ADVISORY has been issued for Saturday with gusts possible to 50mph by early afternoon. Winds will subside late day and into the evening hours.

Clearing and much cooler conditions arrive behind the front late Saturday with temperatures lowering to the lower 40s by sunrise Sunday, that’s still above average for this time of the year. REMINDER we change clocks when you head to bed Saturday night FALL BACK one hour. We gain an hour of sleep but the sunsets are also an hour earlier moving forward.


Temperatures will cool but remain well above normal for much of next week with afternoon highs in the 60s and even some 70-degrees. Looking ahead to elections day, the coolest of the next seven, temperatures will still run 8° above normal.