Rain chance remains through Saturday

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(August 1, 2014) – There’s a little discrepancy this morning on rain chances heading into the weekend with the American models showing a mid-level vort max (spin) sliding around the base of the persistent trough.  This could potentially mean cloudy conditions both today and on Saturday with a chance for some light rain and a thunderstorm or two.  Notably the EURO model shows us dry over the weekend (.01”) with some clouds around so it is picking up the vort max as well.  We will increase both today and Saturday rain chances accordingly.  This also means temperatures will be dropped by a degree or two for both of these days.  We are already seeing signs of the vort developing on satellite this morning.

Bye Bye Upper Low?:


Over the past couple of days we have seen afternoon showers and weak storms due to cyclonic flow overhead.  Yesterday was dry in central Indiana, but the overall pattern remains the same and the increase in our Saturday rain chance is still due to the large area of low pressure spinning over parts of Ontario and Quebec.  Our weather today and tomorrow will still be dominated by this overall pattern.


Meteogram tomorrow

Today should be another fantastic day with highs back in the 80s but there will be a higher rain chance.  Yesterday we barely hit 80 degrees with a high of 80.  The overall rain chance I think keeps us near where we were yesterday for a high today.  We are officially forecasting a high of 81°.


We’ve already talked a little bit about Saturday with the chance for off and on showers throughout the day at least being possible.  It does not look like Saturday rain would be something that may keep you away from the State Fair.  Saturday highs should be in the low 80s due to increased clouds and a small chance for a passing shower.

If you are planning on heading out to the fair over the weekend, today and/or Sunday look like your best bets.  That’s not to say Saturday is a bad choice to head out to the fairgrounds but Sunday will be just as nice and it looks like it will be drier too.

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