INDIANAPOLIS – Rain showers were less numerous on this Sunday, but still featured across the area at times. The storm system that has brought the rain remains in the area and continues to move slowly. This means another day with a chance for showers & storms lies ahead.

Your holiday outlook!

Another mild night will take us into Labor Day with low temperatures hanging around the upper 60s. More clouds than sun is expected through the morning with steady, but slow warming. Wind will be light and the air will feel sticky due to humidity. Showers will be isolated across the state through the AM hours.

Some clearing is possible in the afternoon, but this may allow showers & storms to become more numerous & scattered through the Hoosier State. We will also warm a bit more however, and high temps should return to the low 80s. Little change in our weather will come after dark, but showers will begin to fizzle.

If you are making or have outdoor plans, it would be beneficial to have a place to head indoors incase rainfall occurs. However, instances of rain will not last for a significant amount of time.

Becoming sunnier during the week

Despite the persistent gray weather, improvement will come eventually this week. Tuesday will be a transition day with gray skies and showers hanging on through the majority of the daytime. However, we will begin to see improvement come after dark. This will take us into Wednesday, which is when the last of the cloud cover should begin to exit the state and a mostly sunny afternoon is very possible! The later days of this week will continue the sunny trend as well. High temperatures will not fluctuate much and will remain in the low 80s each of these days before warming a bit more on Friday.