INDIANAPOLIS – Gray skies have dominated the weather across Central Indiana, but the lack of rainfall will not last as we close out the week.

Some wet weather to end the week

Cloudy weather has been overly abundant through the past couple of days, though rain has not. Fog & mist have made up for keeping our weather wet, but a good rainfall would be beneficial with moderate drought conditions encompassing over half the state. Following a foggy start to the morning, Indiana will have a chance at just that.

Along with the fog, Thursday will begin mild with lows around 40 degrees. Temperatures will increase slowly through the morning with an overcast sky across the state. Light showers will begin around sunrise across the southern third of Indiana (roughly Bloomington & south). These storms will remain contained through the morning before becoming more isolated & broad in the afternoon. Total precip will remain on the lighter end with 0.20″ expected at most. High temps will be in the mid to upper 40s across the state.

Dry and foggy weather will take us through the overnight and into Friday morning. The day will begin in the mid 40s once again. Another system will bring rain to the state beginning around sunrise, though it’s Northern Indiana that will see the greatest amounts this time. Showers will be scattered across the state through the morning with steady drying in the afternoon. Highest precip amounts will be around 0.50″. Meanwhile, it will be another mild day with highs around 50.

Gray pattern keeps a stronghold

This weekend our weather will not change much, but it will begin to dry more. A mostly cloudy sky is expected to persist with little to no rain chances. High temperatures will remain above average in the mid 40s.