An unsettled weather pattern is emerging to start the weekend and daily downpours are in the forecast


We exited August and concluded meteorological summer as the DRIEST in nine years. (The big rains Monday made a difference.) Total rainfall since June 1st was over 3″ below normal and DRIEST in the state was central Indiana.

We had a total of 8.72″ of rainfall with almost 25% of the entire summer rain falling on August 31st when 1.99″, a record rainfall for the day occurred. Summer 2022 enters the books as the 39th driest or among the driest 25% on record.


A weak front combined with a weak upper-low brings daily down pours or at least the threat of the them through much of the next seven days. Its an unsettled pattern as the low lingers overhead. It sort, of stuck. The low will “close off” from the main branch of the jet stream and is left behind. It will take a few days for the prevailing winds latch on again so therefore we have those daily rain chances.

To be clear, NO ALL DAY rain is expected this weekend but PEAK rainfall COVERAGE is Sunday – with just over 50% of the area. A storm or two in the mix esp. in each of the afternoons. Have a safe and restful holiday weekend!