INDIANAPOLIS – Rain showers will be widespread across the state Friday into Saturday morning.

Friday at a glance

Rainy for the remainder of 2022

Showers and downpours will overtake the state throughout the day Friday with overcast conditions. Nearly every location in Indiana will see several hours of steady rain, particularly areas south. Temperatures will remain relatively unchanged through the day, primarily in the low 50s. Rainfall will continue overnight, slowly retreating to the southeast.

New Year’s Eve forecast

Saturday will begin overcast with a few showers across Central and especially Southeastern Indiana. The rain will not be as persistent as Friday however, and should be out of the state largely by the early afternoon. Temperatures will fluctuate a little bit more with morning lows in the mid 40s and highs in the low 50s. Partial clearing may come at the end of the day. Overnight conditions will include a mostly cloudy sky and temps falling through the 40s.

Indianapolis 7 day forecast

Rainy weather will make an appearance as we often see with mild days this time of year. Monday will be mainly gray and mild with highs in the mid to upper 50s. The daytime appears to be mostly dry as of now, but rain may still have an impact late. Most rain is expected to fall overnight and a few storms are possible as well. Tuesday will feature wet AM conditions, but a chance for some afternoon clearing and highs in the low 60s is present as well!