What a change underway Friday night as humidity is in full retreat. The heat did hang on but we snapped the 90-degree streak Friday.


Refreshing breezes are blowing from the northwest and ushering in much drier air as we enter the weekend. While the humidity still lags in south-central Indiana after early morning storms, these dew points (real measure of moisture in the air) are down nearly 20-degrees in some locations Friday evening.

We are importing this air from northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan Friday night, where early this morning some locations dipped into the forties. Black River Falls (48°) and Tomahawk (47°) where among the coolest with Hayward lowering to 45°.

With Canadian high pressure funneling the air into the state, clear skies and the much lower humidity will set the stage to lower temperatures by Saturday morning. Many locations will fall into the 50s by sunrise, the coolest mornings here since late last week. This past week produced three early morning, record warm minimum temperatures. The warmest morning of the year was Tuesday with a low of only 78°!

Temperatures will really start to cool after sunset this evening and lower steadily through sunrise. Enjoy the start to your weekend with several locations in the 50s at daybreak.


The HOT DOME retreats west where multiple states are now under some form of heat advisory entering the weekend. Our cool off is welcome but brief. That heat stages a huge comeback next week as the core of the heat migrates east and expands. The renewed heat looks to peak on Tuesday, the first day of summer with a forecast high of 96°. This could be the HOTTEST air since 2013. The last time the city of Indianapolis recoded at high of 96° was August 31, 2013.