Several locations endured their fourth day of heat indices of 100-degrees or higher, relief is slowly underway


It was still sticky Thursday afternoon especially where dew points “pool” and spike just before a wind shifting front passed. The heat index had jumped and exceeded 100-degrees in many locations for the 4th straight day. Indianapolis “only” peaked at 99° for the second straight day while south, Bloomington, Columbus and Shelbyville hit triple digit heat indices. The heat advisories will no longer be required as cooling is forecast behind not one but two passing cold fronts. The first front honestly is more of a dry line, behind this front the dew point, the real measure of moisture, is lowering. Late Thursday the air was drier but dry air heats better than moist so therefore the temps north were in the mid 90s late day.

We take a REFRESHING TURN after second front passes early Friday. Humidity dives as we enter the weekend setting stage for lows in the 50s Saturday and Sunday mornings!


The front tonight will settle south and become the focus mechanism for a cluster of showers and storms to roam into early Friday morning. At this time the storm complex looks roll into southern Indiana only swiping some of out far southwest communities.

Beyond Friday, there rain chances are bleak. There is growing concern that a sustained dry spell is coming and off long-range machines, the rainfall forecast is minimal. Below are two machines that show barely an inch of rain over ten days. There seems to be no real organized rains coming and with additional heat in the forecast, it will only aid in drying the soils quicker. Stay tuned, we are getting a little uneasy about this lack of rain predicted. As of today, there are some areas of western Indiana and southern Indiana that have been deemed abnormally dry. This unfortunately will be expanding in the week ahead.

Real relief is coming this weekend as HOT DOME retreats west but that doesn’t last long. Expands east again early week bringing potentially hotter air for summer’s official start.