Repair technicians warn homeowners about impact of below freezing temperatures

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Experts are warning homeowners to take necessary precautions because the below freezing temperatures will be hard on furnaces and copper pipes. Area repair companies are expecting to be inundated with calls.

“I know how to push buttons,” said Carmel homeowner Judy Shaffer who joked about her furnace maintenance and repair knowledge.

Shaffer and her husband invited a technician into their home Monday to inspect and clearn their furnace.

‘”What could have been simple maintenance can turn into a costly repair or even having to replace your whole system,” said Matt Rodman, a technician with Williams Comfort Air.

Rodman had that warning for other homeowners who are expecting their furnaces to perform on very cold nights even though they have not been maintained. The result can be a furnace that will only blow cold air.

“If you have a burner blocked or plugged up with dirt, it’ll stop it from igniting,” said Rodman.

It is a harsh reality that could make a family very uncomfortable.

“If they were exposed on the outside, then you wouldn’t want your garage opened too long,” said a plumber with AttaBoy Plumbing.

The below freezing temperatures are also a threat to copper pipes, especially those that are up against an exterior wall.

“You can open a cabinet underneath a lavatory or the kitchen sink and that allows the household heat to get into that wall,” said Richard Behney, owner of AttaBoy Plumbing.

The goal is to prevent an ice cube from growing inside a pipe.

“Just let it trickle. You don’t need a fast stream,” said Behney who also recommended that homeowners turn their faucets on a little bit overnight if they are seriously concerned about a burst.

“We try to maintain any piece of equipment we have,” said Shaffer.

Rodman said homeowners need to remember to change their air filters. It is a quick task that can have a positive impact. Every home with a furnace should also be equipped with a carbon monoxide detector.

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