A brisk wind will produce wind-chills in teens overnight and the same storm that started the week is still hanging on.

Brace for the chill all, Good Friday evening. A brisk winds rest of the evening will bringing wind-chills down into the teens area-wide overnight.

The same storm that brought Blizzard conditions and a swarm of tornadoes earlier in the week is still churning over the Upper Midwest late Friday. “Spokes” of energy pinwheel around the weakening low, bringing spurts of light snow and flurries here through Saturday night.

Seems like a long time since we’ve seen the sun. December 4th was the last mostly sunny day officially in Indianapolis. This month has now only produced 20% possible sunshine, even that’s cloudy for December. Normal is 38%.

Skies are expected to brighten Sunday afternoon but new clouds are to return again by Monday.

Moving snow to make some holiday cash has been difficult over the past few years. It’s been exactly TWO YEARS today since we’ve had a one-inch snowfall in the month of December. December 16th 2020 (1.8″).

A seasonal chill is coming for the final days of Fall! Winter officially begins Wednesday and after its open, arctic air is on the move. As of tonight, the long advertised cold blast is still coming. What is still to be resolved is the timing, intensity and will an appreciable snow will occur.

Temperatures usually spike ahead of an arctic front so the current Long-Ranger seven day brings rain and wind in on Thursday before a sharp temperature drop that night. With such a surge of cold, heavy winds will accompany the cold blast sending wind-chills below zero by Friday morning.

Snow will find the cold and accumulating snow is a real likelihood but how much? Still too far out to place specific numbers, as we will not know if and where a surface low pressure (storm) will take shape. It is safe to say at this distance there will be a sticking snow entering the Christmas weekend. We will iron out those details over the next several days.