September stays hot with summer-like heat on Monday


Summer made a return to Central Indiana today as high temperatures climbed all the way into the upper 80s. With a high of 88 downtown, this was our hottest day in exactly two weeks (it was 90 degrees on 8/29). Fall appears to be put on hold for now as this summer weather is expected to last.\

Temperatures will be around 70 degrees as you roll out of bed on Monday. For reference, our average low is in the upper 50’s this time of year! You can expect another clear sunrise and even some hazy conditions as wildfire smoke wisps through the Midwest. We should be warmer than our average high by the late morning and then close to 90 again by the mid to late afternoon. You may notice a little bit of humidity, but luckily it will not be a serious factor in our weather. Additionally, it will be breezy through much of the day, which should provide at least some relief.

Our weather will remain fairly unchanged as we proceed into Tuesday. A stationary front will remain to our north and lock up summer weather for us. In the evening however, the front will begin to sag south and isolated storms, especially to the north, may be the result. The front will continue to crawl southward on Wednesday, which will be the day to avoid outdoors. Expect this to be the coolest day of the week, but also the one with greatest storm chances during the day.

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