Several storm damage reports, power outages in Boone County

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LEBANON, Ind. (July 1, 2014) – Early morning storms Tuesday caused damage to trees and property around Boone County. The heavy wind, rain and lightning rolled through at about 2:15 a.m.

Lebanon Street Department Superintendent Larry Lee said seven trees came down damaging two homes and two vehicles.

One of the large downed trees was on Patterson Street. Homeowner Kenny Manning said he and his wife were asleep when the storm hit and they heard a snapping sound.

“All we heard was a big kaboom and we went out, well we looked out the window, and she got up to go to work and we found all this mess in the yard,” Manning said.

A big branch from a large, old tree near the back of the home cracked and came down across the side lawn. It landed on some patio furniture and his wife’s car. Manning said he and his wife were both OK. The car had some scratches, but his wife was able to drive it to work.

Lebanon police officers were checking on people inside homes in areas where the storm hit hard. No injuries have been reported.

On East Street, a huge portion of a tree fell across the street, trapping a Dodge pickup truck beneath it.

“My daughter came in my bedroom at 2:45 this morning and said, ‘Mommy, the neighbor and some guy with flashlights are here and they need to see you right now,’ so I immediately jumped up, got dressed came out, and you can’t even see the truck anymore,” said the owner Melissa Isbell.

She said the pickup was a birthday gift to her husband a few years ago. As crews pulled the branches off, it became more obvious that the truck had significant damage.

“It’s probably a total loss. The windshield is gone on the truck, [the tree is] through the driver’s side,” she said.

Mayor Harold “Huck” Lewis came through Isbell’s neighborhood to check on the damage later Tuesday morning. He said he was grateful no one was hurt.

“We have a great town, a lot of people are always checking on each other and that’s what it’s about, that’s what community is about,” Lewis said.

A tree fell on a two-story home Lafayette and Washington streets, city officials said. The storm damage was contained to the southeast and southwest corridor. Several homes and businesses in Boone County lost power during the storm. City officials expected all debris to be cleared by the end of the day.


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