INDIANAPOLIS – Severe thunderstorms have started popping off across central Indiana Wednesday. A tornado watch is in effect for much of the Hoosier state, along with portions of Ohio and Kentucky.

Tornado watch until 10 p.m. in red highlighted areas

Area of concern

A tornado watch is in effect for sections of the Ohio River Valley. There is enough instability for convection in the white circled location on the following map. We’ve already seen a few severe thunderstorms in Indiana associated with the warm front that’s pushing north. The severe environment enhancing, and rising air is activated along the front.

Surface and upper level winds

Directional shear is strong over the watch area. An upper level jet is giving us that shear against the surface wind along the warm front. When winds change direction and/or speed with height, that’s called wind shear, and it’s good for enhancing favorable storm environments.