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Multiple rounds of storms are forecast Wednesday and there is a growing concern that these storms will be violent.

Take advantage of the calm weather Tuesday evening. Though clouds have increased, there is only a minimal chance of a shower or storm tonight. Some locations have finally cracked 70° where sun has returned.

SEVERE storms are to blossom out WEST this evening as highly unstable air encounters strong jet stream, bringing to life a powerful spring storm. Tornado watches are issued in Iowa late day.

MULTIPLE rounds of storms are likely here on Wednesday and are to start early in the day. Round #1 arrives early (just after or around the end of the morning commute) and could contain a gusty storm or two. Round #2 DEPENDS on how much rain-free time develops after (Round #1) morning storms. ‘Supercell’ storms? Possible. Should these develop we will have our hands full. These types of storms can produce larger and longer-lived tornadoes and would thrive on an environment that “recovers” from the early morning storms. Meaning, the longer the storms and rain linger to start the day, the less favorable it will be to bring on new storms early afternoon. We are actually cheerleading for a lengthy early round of rain. Stay tuned!

Finally, Round #3 mainly damaging wind gusts but perhaps very powerful, destructive gusts of 80 mph. These are ahead of the cold front that will sweep through the state by early Thursday.

Watch Boxes will likely be required here and favor TORNADO watches as atmosphere looks very favorable for tornado development. Below, the Storm Prediction Center’s ‘tornado ingredients’ forecast, and it is impressive favoring a high probability for the potential of tornadoes from western – southwestern Indiana south to Louisiana.

Rest easy tonight but please review your severe weather plan, we may need to activate them Wednesday. Be sure to check back in with me for an update on air at 10:30 tonight on FOX59 News